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El Castillo, Rio San juan, Nicaragua

 Backpackers welcome to the Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Backpacking Special 60% off of our regular price.

Cheap hotels dont compare to our lodge. check u up.

Private Wildlife Refuge and Eco Lodge Montecristo in the Rio San Juan river of Nicaragua is now offering to backpakers a huge 65% discount for the low season of  May, June and July of 2017.

$15.00 per person just for the bed, minimum 3 or 4 person per roon, with private bathroom.

Affordable for some backpackers; $35.00 per person per night with breakfast and dinner, (lunch not included) you may use the canoe and kayak to play around the river Minimum 2 pax per room.

You must write to us and ask for the backpacker special and check for availability. we only have 3 rooms at this prices.

There are trails for hiking in the private wildlife refuge, which is a good place for birding and discovering the exuberant vegetation of the rain forest.

You may fish from the riverbank, they provide fishing line and hooks, but you must fetch your own bait, like worms or sardine. You may tip one of the boys to fetch you the worms or sardine if you prefer.

You may relax and cool down in a hammock under the mid-day breeze on the palapa that overlooks the river.

Get involve with a little history of the God Rush Era, as described by Mark Twain in his writing “Traveling with Mr. Brown”

Learn a bit about sustainable living.

Do some eco-tourism, see the reborn of the vanilla orchid for commercial use, the cacao tour, from the organic cacao plantation to the home made chocolate and drink.

Wooden cabins are made for eco-friendly glamping


Camping in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

There is a camping area for small or large group, $5.00 per person per night, clean riverfront camping area. You may come with a group or individually, you must bring your own camping tent.

The eco lodge could provide local food at reasonable price.$5.00 breakfast consisting of 2 egg, Gallo Pinto, coffee and  bread or tortilla or plantain.
Lunch or dinner for $7.50 it could be chicken breast, pork or beef loin, rice, beans, plantain, some green and a fruit drink

Please come to Rio San Juan, you will be helping our economy, and be helping to save the rain forest.

Backpacking at Montecristo Eco Lodge your home away from home in the Rio San juan. New Backpackers heavens in Rio San Juan.


Visit http://www.montecristoriverlodge.com/kayaking.html


Write your own ticket, tell us what you want and how much are you willing to expend and we see what can we do for you, gives us a try this low season.

You must make a reservation ahead of time. contact us at montecristoriver@yahoo.com