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El Castillo, Rio San juan, Nicaragua

 Private Wildlife Refuge Montecristo.


Family Adventure Vacation Package. Rio San Juan

The video will show you where we are, what we have and what to do.

Eco Lodge Montecristo is ideal for a family adventure vacation. If you like nature and the outdoors you will like Montecristo River Eco lodge.


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Montecristo private wildlife refuge offer the following tours.

  • Cacao and vanilla tours.
  • Birding tour.
  • Hiking trail tour: See the rain forest, acuatic and land birds, monkeys, squirrels, lizards, ants, frog, spiders, snakes, caimans and other wild creatures.
  • Reforestation project and sustainable eco operation tour.

When travelling in Rio San Juan.

Travel green, be sustainable and have a green eco-vacation. Visit our Eco lodge, and help us save the Rain Forest.

We need your support by visiting us or donate fund.  help support the protection of our private wildlife refuge. We need your help, be good to the environment, don’t pollute, recycle, reduce and reutilize waste garbage.


Birding Rio San Juan.

#BirdWatchingRioSanJuan, at Montecristo Eco lodge, in the rain forest of the San Juan River is an excellent option.

The Oropendola, the Parakeets. Wood-Warblers and hummingbirds are always at the lodge. The sounds of Flycatcher and other birds abound.

The region is within the Southern Central American Pacific Slope Endemic Bird Area. Which has 16 restricted-range species.

The forest also holds a great amount of exotic and endemic plants and insects.  That provide valuable information to the scientific and medical research communities.


Reserva Silvestre Privada ¨ Private wildlife refuge Montecristo¨. Is asking for donation to help them purchase land round the property to increase the size of the reserve. We want to  preserve  the rain forest and it eco system for future generation.

The reforestation program need to be expanded. We need to plant trees everywhere in our property.

Travel green in Nicaragua. Come to our ecolodge hotel for vacation in Rio San Juan Nicaragua. Help us save the rain forest.