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El Castillo, Rio San juan, Nicaragua

How to get to Montecristo Tarpon Camp

I could arrange for pick up in Managua, for a 5 hour drive, transfer all the way to Boca de Sabalos, a jungle river town 2 Km upstream from Montecristo River Eco lodge, pick you up at the Sabalos river ferry dock, and bring you by boat the 2 km down river to the lodge. This is expensive way to come, $250.00 one way, this price is for up to 3 passenger, it increase for a larger group.. To save $50.00 you could do Managua to San Carlos and there take the public boat down river to Boca de Sabalos.

You could rent a car, and drive yourself, ask for a compact car and the weekly rate, use some GPS, either in your phone or get one for the car rental for driving direction. Budget has given me good rates and you also could arrange for a rental car with driver, you pay for one day of rental car plus fuel and driver.

Some people take the public buses from Managua to San Carlos, The express buses are best choice by far, even if you have to wait for their departure. They depart the Mercado de mayoreo in Managua and arrive in San Carlos 7 hours later, there are buses leaving almost every two or three hours.

The best day to travel to Montecristo River Eco Lodge are from Monday to Friday, try to avoid Sundays, were public transportation does not work on same schedule.


Driving Direction. Use google map here.

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Air Route:

 La Costeña (505) 2263-2142  lacostena.com

La Costeña’s planes now depart only 2 days per week, Thursday and Sunday due  to the new paved road.

www.lacostena.com.ni  The cost of round trip Managua – San Carlos is $116.00, La Costeña’s phone in San Carlos is (505) 2583-037 For reservation Managua: 505-2263-2142 e-mail  jcaballero@lacostena.com.ni  Mr. Julio Caballero

What kind of gear do I need to bring to Rio San Juan for Tarpon fishing?

We provide the basic gear, but it always best if you bring your own, tarpon like to destroy or mess up the equipment in their fight for survival. Most important items to bring are Lures, leaders, swivels and line, this is easy to pack. If you have space you may bring your rods and reels, we used medium to heavy roads, and use casting and trolling reals that can take 300 yards of 30 lbs. test line, your rod and real should be able to handle 200 lbs. death weight, but you control it with your drag.

Leader 80 to 100 lb., swivels 100 plus and the best performing lures are the RAPALA SHAD RAP SSR14 series, but bring enough, sometime the lures are good for only one good fight, tarpon will mess up your Rapalas.

Some time we like to purchase or trade some of your equipment and left over lures if you don’t want to lake it back with you, and some time we ask our guest to bring us some gear and deduct it from the fishing trip, because we don’t have a good fishing supply store in Nicaragua.


You don’t need to bring a mosquito net, the area of the eco lodge is keep clean and we do fumigate, but you should bring insect repellent, you be in the outdoors, but aver all, mosquitos are not a problem in the area we fish.

Traveling in Nicaragua

If you never been in Nicaragua before and will feel unfamiliar with travelling in Nicaragua, it may help you know that Nicaragua is one of the safeties’ countries of Central America. If you are coming just for fishing, it recommended to stay in any of the hotel close to the airport, you can get to the Best Western walking from the airport, about one city block, their price are reasonable, and by taxi to Hotel Camino Real a bit more priced.  Used airport or hotel taxis when traveling in Managua, the best restaurant and night life of the city is around the Carretera Masaya area of the city, which is at another end of the city from the airport. Dollar $ are welcome every were, keep on hand 20, 10 and 5 dollar bills for easy change about C$28.00 Cordobas per dollar, when paying for small services. Most places take debit or credit card and chopping centers and gas station have ATM machines in major cities, But now even small town like San Carlos have banks with ATM.

If you want to talk to me, you may call me at 505 86499012, but I always want or need an email to confirm prices or for formalizing booking reservation.