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El Castillo, Rio San juan, Nicaragua


    About us

    Best Bed and breakfast eco lodge in Rio San Juan, a great place for tarpon fishing.

    Hiking, birding, canoeing, kayaking paddling jungle river adventure tour in Rio San Juan.



    Hello. We are Montecristo River Eco Lodge. The famous tarpon fishing camp. We are sustainable company.

    A full service eco lodge in the rain forest of the San Juan River, Nicaragua. Offering sport  fishing, hiking, birding,  canoeing and kayaking adventure tours.  In a private  wildlife refuge. Boca de Sabalos, El Castillo, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.


    Why choose Montecristo River Eco Lodge?

    Montecristo is unique.

    The Eco lodge is fully sustainable and is completely off the grid (Eco Sustainability Certification). It produces its own solar power and water. Reduces, reutilize and recycle waste. The lodge is rustic but is clean.  It surrounding and views are outstanding.

    Great Tarpon fishing destination.

    We offer affordable giant tarpon fishing for beginners and experienced angler.   It is the ideal sport fishing adventure for the whole family or group of friend.  The San Juan River in Nicaragua host a great number of non-migrant tarpon, they stay around the whole year.  A fisherman’s paradise with great scenery, lots of birds in a jungle river setting.

    Jungle river canoeing & kayaking adventure.

    Kayaking & canoeing expedition trip down the Rio San Juan River.  160 Km of wild river camping adventure.  5 day, 4 night trip, the adventure of a life time, fun for the whole family. We at Montecristo River Eco Lodge keep 6 kayak and 3 canoes for our guess to use at no extra cost. Offer canoeing & kayaking tours and rental for non-guest.

    Hiking Tours. “The rainforest Experience”.

    Experience the behavior of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles in their natural habitat. Observe the extensive variety of tropical plants. The hike covers areas where the howler, white face and spider monkeys are heard in the mornings. 

    Birding Rio San Juan.

    We at the Eco Lodge started observing the amazing world of birding.  I have gained the basic skill to identify the birds and have over 145 in my bird list.  I still have dough when identifying the small seed eaters, warblers, flycatchers and the like. So come expend a few days and help me identify the rest of the birds.

    Investment Opportunities Available.

    We would like expand our sport fishing fleet, eco tours, canoeing and kayaking excursions. Because our need to expand, we are opening a limited investment opportunity. If you are legitimately interested, please contact Agustin Llanes at montecristoriver@yahoo.com.

    Tarpon camp & Eco lodge Montecristo is the best Bed and Breakfast in Rio San Juan, offer great tarpon fishing packages and canoeing, kayaking at Boca de Sabalos, El Castillo, Rio San Juan in Nicaragua.

    Pet friendly bed and breakfasts in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.