Tarpon Fishing, the River Monster

Tarpon fishing

Tarpon fishing at Montecristo Tarpon Camp

Tarpon fishing the San Juan River in Nicaragua.


The Rio San Juan in Nicaragua is home of a large school of giant tarpon.  They retire in Lake Nicaragua and the Rio San Juan. They stay in our water year round, and don´t migrate back to the ocean. The younger tarpon come in to the water system and migrate back to the Atlantic Ocean. After they have mated and lay they eggs in protected waters.

Giant Tarpon, are the real river monster.

 World class tarpon fishing in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Tarpon fishing is a priceless experience for any angler of the world. Tarpon is the number one sport fish, because of the challenge involve in its capture, using rod and real, and even more difficult with the fly.

Montecristo River Lodge is the famous ¨Tarpon Camp¨, in Rio San Juan. It offers affordable fishing packages for all sport fishing professional or aficionados.

The lodge sits on the Montecristo private natural reserve. Offer horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, birding& wildlife, and tours to El Castillo, a historic colonial river town, with an old Spanish fort.


Montecristo practice catch and release on tarpon. When they know the fish will die, they keep it. They give the meat to the local maternity house and to feed the local police and wildlife ranger. Nobody likes to see a death fish floating on the water, especially when it could feed hungry people. Tarpon meat is a source of protein and has been in their diet through the recorded history of the river.

Come to Rio San Juan for your next fishing or family adventure vacation.  You will find friendly people and an affordable fishing experience. Come release your trophy, in Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Check our Tarpon Fishing Packages. Get info on our September tarpon fishing tournament.

You will be helping us save part of the rain forest. We are eco sustainable lodge and practice good methods for the ambient.

Please book your fishing trip early. In our eco-lodge we have limited space available. We don’t like to have more than 3 boats at any given time on our fishing water. Just during the International Tarpon Fishing Tournament in September we allow more boat and angler on the water.

For more information contact Agustin Llanes at montecristoriver@yahoo.com (505) 86499012


Tarpon fishing, Rio San Juan Nicaragua. Tatpon the true River monster. Come to sport fishing the giant tarpon, at Rio San Juan, El Castillo, Boca de Sabalos