Affordable fresh water Tarpon fishing

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Montecristo River Eco Lodge is a founder member of the new Sport Fishing and Tourist Cooperative in Rio San Juan. COPDETURSJ. R.L.

The famous tarpon camp Montecristo River Eco Lodge.

Is the pioneer fishing camp on the Rio San Juan river,  operating since 1999, the tarpon camp and it is located in the best fishing ground between the town of Boca de Sábalos and El Castillo.


Now we are offering affordable fresh water tarpon and snook fishing year round, on the Rio San Juan of Nicaragua. The Cooperative has 14 founder member, some of the members are small lodge owner, fishing guides and boat owner operators. They are now organized into a full service tour operator and outfitters.

The members are located and operate out of the Island of Solentiname on lake Nicaragua, the port city of San Carlos, the towns of Boca de Sábalos and El Castillo. Tours can be arrange to visit all the tourist destination from the wetland Los Guatuzos, Río Papaturro, Río Frío, Lake Nicaragua and the whole San Juan River, Indio/Maíz, Bartola, all the way into San Juan del Norte o Greytown.


Local outfitters are ready to arrange your next wild adventure in the majestic San Juan River, of Nicaraguan, an off the beaten path pristine rain forest, full of outdoors activities and adventures.


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Fishing with Montecristo Eco Lodge.

Come for Tarpon fishing, where you can get one of the giant tarpon that abound in the river system. Take a nature sightseeing tours in the rainforest natural wildlife sanctuary/reserve, a canoe or kayak trip down the river combined with camping and hiking.


Visit and stay at Montecristo River Eco Lodge “The famous Tarpon Camp”, a sustainable eco lodge alternative  with 2 family cabin and 4 room for adventure and nature lovers. The eco lodge is not fancy, but is clean and friendly with the environment. They use solar energy and produce their own potable water, they reduce, recycle and reutilize waste, Collect rainwater and use septic tank, and they don’t contaminate the river like the rest of the new establishment.  It is the oldest and is the pioneer fishing camp on the river. It has 120 plus acres of protected land for the conservation of wildlife and some centenary old trees. You may contact them at email 505 86499012


Tarpon fishing at Montecristo tarpon camp

Tarpon fishing at Montecristo tarpon camp

Visit El Castillo, a nice and quiet little jungle river town with an old colonial Spanish fort, build to stop pirates from rampage the cities of Granada and Leon. The town now lives for and host nature lover tourist.  The local people will be glad to take care of you and crime is almost nonexistence, is towns where everybody knows each other. You will feel lost in time, there is neither vehicle nor motorcycles, and is just a walking picturesque little town.


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